Yasir Hussain breaks silence on being Pakistani industry’s most controversial personality [VIDEO]

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Yasir Hussain
Yasir Hussain speaks about being the most controversial personality.

Yasir Hussain is a popular name in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Although, the actor garners great media attention for his work in many Pakistani dramas and movies, the spotlight is on him mostly for the controversies he steps into.

Yasir Hussain is often spotted speaking on prominent issues and courageously talking about other co-actors of industry.

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Recently, the actor has opened up about being Pakistani entertainment industry’s controversial personality. In an interview with BBC Yasir Hussain said:

Tell me this. The people who ask controversial questions are right. The people who run it on their channels are okay. Only the person who is answering the controversial questions is targeted as controversial. Why?

Yasir Hussain shared:

These media channels are hypocrites and they have been like that from day one.

The actor further stated:

The people from the industry call me when I talk something controversial about the industry. Others don’t have courage to say anything that’s why these people love hearing me.

Yasir Hussain concluded by saying:

If these people don’t like me, they should unfollow me. Despite all the controversies and the backlash, my words still get heard.

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